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Our hearts go out to the families of Sean Dugan and Jeremy Gilroy. If you knew either Sean or Jeremy, I am positive you'll agree there are no words to describe how much these two men meant to us.

As part of the Local 9445 eBoard's mission to give back to the community, We have been volunteering with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank at food banks all across the Pittsburgh area.

Recent News

Our number one goal as a Union is to empower our members. Today, we are highlighting the outstanding work of our Women of Steel committees. The committees purpose is to empower its membership and to make a difference in the world. Please take some time to see what your local Women of Steel committee is working on.

If you've ever attended a NextGen event, you know that NextGen rush. If you haven't, just imagine meeting new friends, insightful union education, hitting the streets and volunteering in your community. Pumped? So are we! That's why we would like to showcase all the fantastic work our union brother Myron Bynum has accomplished. Myron and his fellow Steelworker Brothers and Sisters have been working extremely hard planning the 2024 NextGen Conference in Pittsburgh. That's why next year's conference is shaping up to be the must see event of 2024! 

As member's of the USW local 9445, we feel that it is our duty to fight alongside any group of people battling against oppression. During their year long ULP Strike against Block Communications, the worker's at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette have shown that through tremendous resolve anything is possible. Until this strike is resolved, we pledge to do everything possible to ensure a union victory. 

Special thanks to the USW Distric 10 for hosting such an enjoyable clay shoot. If interested in attending future events please contact your local Union Stewart for further information. 

Please take our new union survey, your participation is very important.

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts, that we inform our members of the death of our USW President Tom Conway. Tom Conway was a prominent figure in the labor movement, and during his decades as a Union Leader he had a substantial influence to so many great individuals.

Don't forget to attend the 9445 monthly meeting - It's held every third Tuesday of the month!

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