Animal Health Lab, Laboratory Services

Grant Perry - [email protected]

Biological Sciences

Sarah Donato - [email protected]


Robert Reed - [email protected]

Food Science

Leona Varga Lowe - [email protected]


Adam Bonnycastle - [email protected]

Nance Grieve - [email protected]

Sandy McLaren - [email protected]

Marie Puddister - [email protected]

Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

Christopher Norman - [email protected]

James Turgeon - [email protected]

Integrative Biology

Carole Ann Lacroix - [email protected]

Laboratory Services

Julie Glemser - [email protected]

Kitson Morden - [email protected]

Wesley Wilson - [email protected]

Library – TUG Annex

Jason Stanlick - [email protected]

Molecular & Cellular Biology

Jamie Jones - [email protected]


Amanda Hathway - [email protected]

Andrea Kacer - [email protected]

Clint Saunders - [email protected]

Physical Resources

Steve Welker - [email protected]

Plant Agriculture

Bob Nichols - [email protected]

School of Engineering

Mike Speagle - [email protected]

Joanne Ryks - [email protected]

School of Fine Arts

Paul Lovell - [email protected]

University Centre

Sam Baijal - [email protected]


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