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PAC Vs. Rapid Response - Knowing the difference

USW Condemns

So... I stopped by the strike location for our brothers and sisters who work at the ATI plant nearby and, in Pittsburgh fashion, the support by Vandergrift  and surrounding communities is NON-STOP.  There were constant honkings of people driving by showing support for the cause. A worker explaind how multiple businesses brought by pizzas and other foods for the workers.

Thank You Mr. John Lewis

There is not enough time to list all of the achievements of this man. There isn't one phrase, picture, or video that I can link you to that can properly sum up his life.

To live a life, dedicated to the service of others in words and in action is extends beyond our roles as American citizens. To live this life, devoted to people's rights, worker's rights, and the rights of ALL people takes an unselfish character.

What is all this stuff I keep hearing about? What is "collective bargaining"? What is a "union" good for?  Where does my dues money go? 


In 2019, we fought for H.R. 397 Rehabilitation for Multi-employer Act. This legislation passed in the House of Representatives but its companion bill did not pass in the Senate, not having bipartisan support.