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A promo is a way to add an eye-catching announcement to your website. When you add a Promo to your homepage, site users will see a dynamic colored box with your promo’s text. 

Video content is an increasingly important medium and Union Hall makes it easy to add videos to your site.

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A webform is a page on your site that you use to collect information from the folks who visit your site. Examples include surveys, feedback forms, event RSVPs, or “Contact Us” forms like the one below:

In this guide we will go over how to make a simple webform and how to access the information collected. 

The About Us section is designed to give a biography of your local and its officers. Your Union Hall site by default will have an About Us section with a button on the navigation bar.  

On Union Hall there are buttons which link to USW social media accounts. These are good to have for your members and supporters so that the union is part of their social media experience. By default there are Twitter and Facebook buttons that link to the USW's national accounts, but other social media platforms can be added and they can link to your local's social media accounts if you have them. We'll show you how.

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