Adding Events in Union Hall

With events you can make an events calendar like the one below with all your local’s activities. Upcoming events will also appear on the right sidebar below the feature section as your members visit the website’s homepage.  events-calendar

Adding an Event

When you are on the home page, the easiest way to create an event is to click on the “+Create” button in the bottom right corner, circled below in red:union-hall-homepage-create-button-highlighted

When you click on that button, a menu will appear. Click the “Create Event” option:union-hall-homepage-create-menu-highlighted

This will take you to the event set up page, where you will infill the title, description, event date/time, and location. You can also add media (image or video) and have the event repeat, if you like. 

When you are done, click the green publish button in the bottom right:create-event-page

This will create an event page like this, with buttons that users can use to share the event on Twitter, Facebook, or Email:union-hall-monthly-members-meeting

The event will also automatically show up on the Events page in the calendar and among “Upcoming Events.”union-hall-events-calendar

Editing or Deleting an Event

In order to edit an event, you will first want to navigate to the events page. Click on the “Events” tab on the navigation bar:union-hall-homepage-events-button-highlighted

Once you are on the events page, click the event that you are interested in editing from the calendar or the “Upcoming Events” list. This will take you to the page for that particular event. 

Once you are there, click on the pencil button in the bottom right:union-hall-monthly-members-meeting-edit-pencil-highlight

You will now be able to edit or delete the event. If you are editing, click the green “Save” button in the bottom right when finished. Click “Unpublish” if you are trying to take the event down. union-hall-editing-view-of-event-page

Making Changes to Events Calendar Page

To make changes to the “Events” page on the site, first navigate to it. All Events pages will have calendars.union-hall-event-calendar-edit-button-highlighted

To edit the events page, click the pencil button in the bottom right hand corner, as you can see above. 

On the edit page, you will able to add a page description above the calendar and edit the page title. Click the green “Save” button in the lower right hand corner to publish your changes.union-hall-editing-view-of-event-page